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The innovative HYBRID windows differ on the market because they give a lot of benefit to the final buyer.

In common with the same conditions, the HYBRID windows guarantee the best of watertight seal and very good performances of thermal isolation compared to usual windows frames.

Also, thanks to thin profiles it let you build the product as fast as possible.

Standard Equipment

  • Triple low emissive glass
  • Burglary resistance hardware of Siegenia
  • Overturned door
  • Anti-False Maneuver Mechanism
  • Third retractable hinged zip on semi-sliding door
  • Center fin gasket with performing corners
  • Safety glass on balcony type without transverse or until one meter of footsteps in the balcony type with cross and in underlight
  • Semi-rigid lever
  • DK securstick

Additional Options

  • Thermal Canal
  • Security locks
  • Doorstep with thermal cut
  • Doorstep reduced to 25mm
  • Transverse shutter
  • Door socket
  • Transverse frame
  • Micro airing

Open Cut


Curved Central Node


Squared Central Node


Side View


Curved Side Node


Squared Side Node


Tecnichal Notes

Alloy Extruded profiles: 6060 UNI EN 573
Finish state: T5 EN 775-2
Dimensional tolerances: EN 755-9
Seal type: internal surmount, open joint with central gasket.
Profile type: thermal isolation with tubular isolator profiles composed by ABS Starex. The union of these parts is made by the movement of little feet of the isolator inside the pit of the external shell.

Glass Application

Aluminum – wood: wooden frame hooked with union dowels
Pit width for glass insertion until 48mm

Base Size

Aluminum – wood: fixed frame 64mm, Door 86mm
Internal escape: 7mm
External escape: 5 mm
Height fin glass location: 21 mm
Internal dimension of the tubular door: 14,5 x 12,6 mm
Internal dimension of the tubular frame: tape hardware interaxle spacing 13mm air 12mm, Hardware pit 16mm, bar 20mm

Test Report n° 0055/14 of 06/11/2014

Released by Consorzio Legno Legno

casement window with double door
Aluminum alloy EN AW 6060 T5 (UNI 775-2);
Art. KTA001-L001 64 mm L fixed frame;
Art. KTA101-L101 door 86 mm;
Art. KTA201 central carry;
Drainage system:
N ° 5 holes of mm 30 x 8;
Isolators Door:
Tubular profile in ABS STAREX 47,75×34 mm;
Tubular profile in ABS STAREX 25,3×36,1 mm;
Air permeability:
Classification according to EN 1026 UNI EN 12207: 2000 CLASS 4;
Classification according to EN 1027 E UNI EN 12208: 2000 CLASS E1200;
Wind load resistance:
Classification according to EN 1211 E UNI EN 12210: 2000 CLASS C5;

Test Report n° 0057U/14 of 22/10/2014

Released by Consorzio Legno Legno

λ Wood = 0,11 (W/mq°K), Glass 36mm. Heat Temperature


Test Report n° 0033R/14 of 06/11/2014

Released by Consorzio Legno Legno

Soundproofing power:
Classification according to UNI EN ISO 110140-2 and UNI EN ISO 717-1 Rw 41 dB.