Komarte - Wooden Aluminium Line - Industrie Sepe
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They can easily integrate into any environment, while ensuring thermal-acoustic insulation and elegance. They largely satisfy the needs of those customers who wish to leave outside all the undesirable elements, such as: cold, wind, water, noise.


Quality of materials, professionalism and high technology associated with craftsmanship are the strengths of wood / aluminium doors and windows. They feature a very high thermal-acoustic insulation system and can boast durability and weather resistance.


This is thanks to an inner wooden supporting structure, and an aluminium coating outside, which create a maintenance free, extremely resistant and insulating product.


With a wide range of colours, even the aluminium can be perfectly adapted to any architectural context. The wide selection of wood types allows the inner part of the frame to match perfectly with the decoration of any location.


The inner part of a frame is chosen among the various solutions offered by the wood, to create the perfect atmosphere for any cosy and refined room.

Wood / Aluminum Profile