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Eco-friendly and not harmful profiles

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic material produced from raw materials derived from petroleum and natural salt. It’s one of the most adaptable, insulating and non flammable plastic materials and it boasts a very high resistance.
Using a PVC being 100% recyclable and free of lead (which is harmful to the environment) is a crucial point. Instead of lead, high eco-compatibility calcium/zinc stabilizers are to be used.



Also make sure that the PVC used does not contain any harmful or carcinogenic substances such as phthalates and plasticisers. This is precisely why all KOMART PVC doors and windows bear relevant CE marking, boast appropriate certifications and are 100% recyclable at disposal.

PVC frame profile chambers

This type of frames shows some air chambers inside, i.e. some cavities inside the profiles to increase the th ermal and acoustic insulation capacity of the frame.


Pay close attention to the number of profile chambers. In general, the greater the number of chambers the better the performance achievable. Our PVC windows only use profiles with 5 chambers, providing far superior performances compared to the other products with 3 or 4 chambers.

Streamline Rounded Profile


Steps Streamline Profile