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The aluminium shutter is without doubt the hardware product that succeeds in keeping the walls of buildings in visible uniformity, situating itself perfectly in the urban and environmental context.


Our shutters in aluminium are of a pleasant design, and offer the possibility to have a vast range of “ral” or “wood effect” colours, making them adaptable to all environments.


There are two solutions: fixed or orientatable shutters. The orientatable shutter as compared to the fixed shutter, has the charateristic of having movable slats allowing for air-flow and to allow light to enter.


Through a lever placed on the perimetral frame, it is possible to have total darkness, allowing for the clients’ personal needs.

Central Knot Outside




INDUSTRIE SEPE  heading boards are contructed completely in wood and are composed of an internal structure with airtight closure with gaskets, placing side by side aesthetics and functionality, reducing thermal waste and increasing acoustic insulation.




The INDUSTRIE SEPE shutter are the last article in our vast quality range.


Requested in many areas of Italy and Europe for their practicality, functionality and aesthetics.


They give your environment a pleasant reception and harmony thanks to the entirely wooden structure with brass closures and hinges.




To the different and numerous requests for windows, INDUSTRIE SEPE unites the tradition for wood to the innovation of aluminium managing this way to satisfy any solution of  shape and opening with traditional ironware and/or perimetral.