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The KOMETA that lights up the house.
The system is the result of a fusion between the 76 mm depth frame Streamline MD and the new Raffaello DOOR of 86mm marked by a big Molding of the external side.
About the seals, it is a classic MD, just a joint open to three weather strips.
The Uf average thermal transmittance of the system is 1 W / m2K.
The profiles are class A thick and the mix is in S class (i.e. Suitable for hot-tempered climates like ours) according to UNI EN 12608.

The Raffaello system, produced in Italy, is applicable to PVC material.
the Raffaello Line is easily distinguishable from fixtures imported from EST Europe often offered, at least on papers, with similar features with a lower price of 30/40%.
The PVC required for the profiles, unlike the one used for therealization of imported fixtures, (finished with recycled PVC class B), Is made from the natural raw materials derived from oil and from salt, 100% recyclable, it does not contain lead or toxic materials to protect the environment and it is recognized as class A.


Sliding Profile


Sliding Lifting Profile


The benefits of PVC products

  • Noise protection
  • Lower Leak Protection
  • Impermeability from Air and Rainfall
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Environment comfort and Design
  • Badweather Resistance and Durability
  • Easy and safe maneuverability
  • Simple Cleaning / Minimal Maintenance

With old windows, the heat loss of one Single – family house is almost 30% of the heating energy.
Modern thermal glazing have
Values Ug <- 1.1 W / m²K.
With triple glazing you can even reach
Ug values less than 0.5 W / m²K.

Standard Colors


Colors to order




Slid Lifting